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If you're a sports fan, you're a stats fan. We can't talk about sports without talking about stats. That's how we remember our favorite teams and players, how we measure them against each other.

Because the sports world collects and preserves performance data better than possibly any other industry, it provides a unique place to apply the tools of data visualization. In Chartball, we've taken that opportunity to showcase that history for fans and data nerds alike.

You can read more about Chartball's founder,
Andrew Garcia Phillips, here.

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A "Stunning Season in One Image" — Popular Science

Part wall art, part sports history

We're known for our series of team posters, capturing our favorite teams' greatest seasons. More than 90 posters in six sports.

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UNC Tarheels NCAA Men's Basketball Champions
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Follow the data

Every project starts with great data. Where it goes from there is never the same twice.

Static Design

We've made static charts from wall size to postage stamp size. Some are works of art, some are just the facts.

Animation and video

Easy to share online, perfect for making a compelling argument. We can build your full-on video or optimize it as an animated .gif file.

Interactive apps

Some data sets need an interface for exploration, for filtering and sorting. We've built tools for teams of three and audiences of millions.

Chartball for hire

If you have data we have viz. Send us a note, maybe we can work together.
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We love to talk about data visualization or sports or both. (But no, we can't help your fantasy team.)